Alumni and Friends of Lynn Classical High School Scholarship Program

January 8th, 2009

We Need Your Support

In the past five years, thanks to the support and contributions of LCHS Alumni and Friends, we have distributed $271,978 in Scholarships to graduating seniors of Lynn Classical High School. Although our efforts to continue this trend are as strong as ever, the ability to sustain the scholarship program is suffering due to the increased cost and expenses needed run supporting programs and Newsletters. We are appealing to you for your assistance in helping Classical Graduates to a better life by receiving a strong educational foundation and an opportunity for education beyond high school.

Because of the fine education we received at Classical, many of us have gone on to be productive members of our communities. We have become Doctors, Lawyers, Educators, Police, Nurses, Firefighters, as well as many Graduates who have made their mark in government, private industry and business. You are the very people that we need to give back to deserving students of your high school alma mater, Lynn Classical High School.

If you have already assisted us in supporting Classical students, we thank you and ask you to continue your generous support. To our Life Members, we continue to thank you for your generous past support.

Please answer our appeal in one of the following ways:

  • If you are already an Alumni Member, please renew it for the coming year.
  • Become a new contributing member of Alumni & Friends of Lynn Classical High School by filling out the Donation Application available here for download.
  • Make a simple donation in any amount of your choice.
  • Consider becoming a Named Scholarship donor in the amount of $500.00 or more.

Named scholarships can be submitted as a group. Get some family members together or classmates and name your own scholarship.

If you have any questions or would like more information about our Scholarship Program, please feel free to contact us at:

Phone: 1(781) 581-LCHS

How to Contribute

Tax deductible contributions to the Alumni and Friends of Lynn Classical High School Scholarship Program can be made by submitting a completed donor form.

  1. Download our donor form here
  2. Fill in the information
  3. Return it with your tax deductible contribution to:
    235 O’Callaghan Way
    Lynn, MA 01905
    c/o Mrs. Geraldine Stafford, Treasurer

Thank you to all Alumni & Friends who have helped to make this Scholarship Program a success.

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