Alumni and Friends of Lynn Classical High School Awards 75 Scholarships

August 13th, 2008

On June 5, 2008, St. Michael’s Hall was the site of the Alumni and Friends of LCHS Inc.’s Annual Scholarships Awards Banquet at which the Alumni and Friends of Lynn Classical High School presented 75 Named and Alumni Scholarships totaling $61,100.00 to graduating Classical Seniors.

During the presentation of the scholarship awards, Alumni president Paul Stafford acknowledged

  • the achievements of the Scholarship recipients, their parents and the Alumni’s 49 Named Scholarship Sponsors
  • the achievement of the recipients- their acceptance to college
  • the achievement of the parents- raising sons and daughters of whom they can be proud
  • the achievement of the scholarship sponsors- being able to reach out and assist the recipients in realizing their dream of a better life through education.

President Paul Stafford was assisted by Alumni Treasure Geraldine Stafford and Classical Principal Warren White, who told the recipients, “be proud of your accomplishment, strive to be successful, and once successful not to forget your roots”.

Scholarship Name Student Recipient
Peter & Angelo Stavru Scholarship Galeazzi, Briana
Peter & Angelo Stavru Scholarship Pelekoudas, Dimetrias
Class of 95 Emily Pring
Baks 57 Scholarship Silva, Eric
Baks 57 Scholarship Rittershaus, Alexander
Baks 57 Scholarship Keo, Sokleang
Baks 57 Scholarship Dubuisson, Tachand
Baks 57 Scholarship Doulis, Eleni
Baks 57 Scholarship Carey, Angelica
Ron Benevento Scholarship Scherrer, Tracey
Martin Bloom Craig, Adam
J. Arthur Booras Family Muschette, Erin
Stanley J. Britton Memorial Scholarship Barrett, Brittani
Joseph Marian Cantrell Memorial Scholarship Cowdell, Kelsey
Cawlina Family Scholarship Chhorn, Mulika
Nicholas Charros Memorial Dean, Afton
Class of 1947 Eng-Nol, Evelyn
Class of 1965 – 1966 Gillis, Sarah
Carol Cotter Memorial Scholarship Hoyte, Janeal
Doris Cowdell Memorial Berry, Shante
Elizabeth “Beth Russo” Davis” 76 Capone, Nicole
Leo J. Doucette Memorial Scholarship Reece, Michael
William Dragon Jr, / /Student Athlete Dean, Kristen
William Dragon Jr, / /Student Athlete Manning, Patrick
Driscoll Family Davolio, Evan
EDIC of Lynn Scholarship Fiskatoris, Sophie
Buddy Fennell Memorial Champigny, Mary
Buddy Fennell Memorial O’Toole, Dillon
Patricia M. Flynn Scholarship Ylonen, Kelsey
G.E. Fund Scholarship Coviello, Jennifer
G.E. Fund Scholarship Coffill, Brian
Giarla Family Scholarship Jean, GerryAnne
Theodore E. Kyrios Sr. Memorial Murray, Jodi
Kyros Family Ly, Dyna
Nancy A. Naugle Langis Scholarship Barker, Samantha
N. Janis Lasden Memorial Wheeler, Benjamin
Dr. Elaine Sneierson Leeder Class of 62 Berry, Shardaye
Dr. Peter Mazareas Scholarship Voyiagis, Christopher
Muckian – Giovanniello Family Soriano, Lisselot
Muckian – Giovanniello Family Marnik, Lauren
John R. Nelson Memorial Scholarship Sequeira, Amanda
Stella Panagopoulos Memorial Renken, Maria
Saul Pannell Family Ou, Phonpechborey
Louis & Zoe Pappas Scholarship Watler, Alexander
Peter Pedro Jr. Family Scholarship Nov, Sereyleak
Rose Quinn Scholarship Mellen, Jennifer
James J. Ruth Memorial Reddy, Jillian
James J. Ruth Memorial Pierre, Megan
James J. Ruth Memorial Stevens, Amanda
James J. Ruth Memorial Sullivan, Courtney
Dora Martino Slepoy Scholarship Chau, Johny
David Solimine Family Geldart, Deanna
Spero Family Blas, Dianaly
Stafford Family Scholarship Sonia, Kacey
Carol Cronk Sullivan McCall, Erin
Nella Valeri Memorial Lopez, Natasha
Michael Volo Chipman, Catherine
Robert J. Watson Memorial Murkison, Tia
Robert A. Whitcher Memorial Douyon, Reginal
Zimman Brothers Student/Athlete Garrity, Jetta
Zimman Brothers Student/Athlete Garraud, Diericks
Alumni & Friends of LCHS Scholarship Anilus, Nadgla
Alumni & Friends of LCHS Scholarship Brady, Nina
Alumni & Friends of LCHS Scholarship Burgess, Brian
Alumni & Friends of LCHS Scholarship Faustin, Samara
Alumni & Friends of LCHS Scholarship Gonzalez, Chrismery
Alumni & Friends of LCHS Scholarship Jackson, Quivari
Alumni & Friends of LCHS Scholarship Lantigua, Roberta
Alumni & Friends of LCHS Scholarship McInerney, Rachel
Alumni & Friends of LCHS Scholarship Merrill, Justin
Alumni & Friends of LCHS Scholarship Ragab, Rana
Alumni & Friends of LCHS Scholarship Smetankina, Zarina
Alumni & Friends of LCHS Scholarship Tran, Linh
Alumni & Friends of LCHS Scholarship Usuman, Nahimatu
Alumni & Friends of LCHS Scholarship Vitali, Tori
Alumni & Friends of LCHS Scholarship Lynch-Ferrier, Erica

2 Responses to “Alumni and Friends of Lynn Classical High School Awards 75 Scholarships”

  1. joe gunningon 01 Jan 2009 at 3:22 pm

    who won the Knights of Columbus scholarship?

  2. Ed Staffordon 02 Jan 2009 at 8:59 pm

    The Knights of Columbus scholarship was not awarded through the Alumni Scholarship Program. That was awarded through the school. To get more information related to that, you should contact the guidance department at the school.

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